Mobile Telephony in Rural Areas: A Case Study in Puno, Peru

Fernández-Ardèvol, M, Barrantes R, Agüero A.  2013.  Mobile Telephony in Rural Areas: A Case Study in Puno, Peru. Bruck and Rao, M. (eds.): Global Mobile: Applications and Innovations for the Worldwide Mobile Ecosystem . : Information Today, Inc


This in-depth case study provides insights into the value and impacts of mobile communication in rural areas, particularly among impoverished communities. In the rural areas of Puno, Peru, mobile phone usage was tracked among producers, traders, veterinary technicians, and young students. Prepaid subscription was the most common payment option, and sharing of mobile phones was not unusual. Mobiles were used for sharing social and business information, micro-coordination of activities, market expansion, and planning of livestock operations. Youth tended to use high-end phones for offline entertainment (games, music), and not for voice communication. The authors recommend that industry and government work together to make mobiles more affordable and network coverage more extensive.

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