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Because of the current problem of the traditional model of university education where it is seen as less relevant for the future (young people wonder if attending university offers the benefits that are anticipated, employees doubt whether universities are still the best source of talent and ideas, and some politicians doubt the value of greater financing for higher education), the ForEMLink project will act to find solutions.

ForEMLink seeks to address this context by developing an approach that will offer students relevant and practical learning, increase their business skills and help them start viable businesses.

To address any alleged poor contribution to innovation in their locations, the partners will establish concrete links with companies, municipalities and citizens of their regions to jointly create projects to promote entrepreneurship (ForEMLink digital platform). On the other hand, they will collaborate to develop a methodology that fosters an entrepreneurial mindset (creativity, critical thinking, problem solving) among students and also involves companies and students in the design of appropriate curricula for such learning (ForEMLink Methodology).

This approach in the development of entrepreneurial mentalities is aligned with the Commission’s communication on the EU Agenda for Higher Education (2017), a Danish survey (Boyd et al, 2015) and two Students Survey reports of the entrepreneur spirit of the Global University (GUESSS) on the Netherlands (2013-14) and Great Britain (2016). These documents identify the need to learn in all thematic areas to incorporate activities to develop business mentalities.

The third result is the ForEMLink Manual, intended for future users of the platform and the methodology. This will be developed through consultations with educators who use the ForEMLink Digital Platform and the methodology with the students, forming part of the project’s multiplication and sustainability dimension.

Transnationality is essential for ForEMLink to create a shared platform and methodology to develop the entrepreneurship spirit among the 5 associated HEIs. This will complement the existing solutions they use in their respective regions. ForEMLink is a project that encourages HEIs to look outside their respective stakeholders and transnational partners to develop and deliver appropriate learning for the 21st century.

The partners recognize that these enormous social challenges are complex and are not limited to individual nations, therefore resolving them will require greater collaboration, cooperation and co-creation between countries and interested partners.

Consequently, the ForEMLink Methodology will help students acquire relevant living skills and contribute effectively in this context.

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European Commission (Erasmus +)


01/09/2019 - 31/12/2021



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David Rodríguez-Gómez
David Rodríguez-Gómez
Professor Agregat

Professor del Departament de Pedagogia Aplicada de la UAB, investigador de l’Equip de Desenvolupament Organitzatiu, reconegut com a grup d’investigació consolidat per la Generalitat de Catalunya, consultor del Màster U. en Psicopedagogia de la UOC i Avaluador de l’Agència Nacional d’Avaluació de la Qualitat i Acreditació.