Technology use for teaching and learning


Our main aim is to categorise the different uses teachers and students make of ICT as a teaching and learning tool in technology-rich classrooms. A questionnaire about possible uses was developed following the guidelines provided by the literature review. A sample of teachers (n=278) who teach in highly technological classrooms participated in the study. Four types of educational ICT use in the classroom turned out of the exploratory factor analysis: teachers’ technology use of content, teachers’ technology use of interaction, students’ technology use of content, and students’ technology use of interaction. Useful ideas for researchers and teachers are provided.

Píxel-Bit. Revista de Medios y Educación, 46, 9-24
Badia, A., Meneses, J., & Garcia, C. (2015). ¿Cómo ven los alumnos de primaria la profesión informática? Influencia del género y la percepción de su capacidad. Píxel-Bit. Revista de Medios y Educación, 46, 9-24.
Julio Meneses
Julio Meneses
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Professor de metodologia de la investigació, investigador de l’Internet Interdisciplinary Institute i responsable de la Unitat d’Avaluació de Projectes Institucionals de l’eLearn Center de la UOC.